Hosted PBX

With the I-Net Hosted PBX service, there is no on-site hardware requirement which means your business benefits from minimal up-front investment, reduced total cost of ownership, flexible service plans and complete scalability.

100% BT

The I-Net Hosted PBX platform resides entirely within BT’s 21st Century Network providing your business with the comfort and assurance that your voice and data services are carried by one of the world’s leading telecommunications companies.

Key System Functionality

Supports all major SIP handsets offering the same functionality found in traditional key systems, such as office switchboard, programmable keys, call transfer, voice mail, ACD, music-on-hold, but without the expense of purchasing and maintaining premise-based equipment.

In-Network Features

A vast range of powerful in-network features are readily available to transform the productivity of your business such as dynamic call routing, FSA-approved call recording, network call queuing, network IVR, mid-call divert, call conferencing and follow-me services. 

Multisite Benefits

Eliminate surplus infrastructure at multisite operations, branches and remote offices.  Deploy the same powerful PBX features across your entire organisation at no extra cost.  Connect home workers free of charge, and benefit from free calls and data transfer across your entire operation.

Instant Disaster Recovery

Access the I-Net Hosted PBX from any location.  Connect IP equipment to any broadband access point anywhere, and you are back up and running in seconds.  No call diverts, porting, or back-up equipment is necessary.

Any Number Anywhere

Your number ranges are no longer dependent on geography.  Moving office?  Take your numbers with you at no cost.  Want London DDIs in Glasgow?  No problem.  And, together with BT, we can provision geographic and non-geographic number ranges in a matter of minutes.

Web Interface

Manage I-Net’s Hosted PBX features in real time via a web interface which means your stay in control of your communication requirements at all times.

Welcome To I-Net Connect


I-Net Connect Limited is part of the I-Net group, and a fully converged next generation network operator providing PSTN and IP telephony services to UK businesses.

Our hosted PBX platform is built inside the UK’s biggest tier-one carrier, providing unrestricted call volumes together with a quality of service second to none.

We service a broad customer base, spanning the financial services, leisure, travel and entertainment sectors and offer an extensive portfolio of high volume IP-enabled voice and data applications which support business-critical activities for all of our clients.

The BT network has an extensive reach of 115 countries with 1,250 points of presence and is one of the most resilient networks in the world. We can offer geographic and non-geographic number ranges with full number portability, not only for the UK but in 47 other countries too.

100% PBX

The I-Net Hosted PBX offers features, benefits and cost advantages that will transform the way your company does business. Benefit from a PBX platform that is hosted, managed and supported inside BT’s core network to deliver the highest level of quality and reliability at all times.

  • Hundreds of advanced features and PBX functionality.
  • Compatible with all major handset manufacturers.
  • Reduce overall total cost of PBX ownership by up to 80% with minimal upfront investment, low monthly service fees and reduced maintenance charges.
  • Works with existing high speed internet connections.
  • Eliminate overheads associated with premised-based solutions.
  • Save on call charges associated with
  • inter-office calling.
  • Delivery over the BT 21cn Network provides all users with access to the same PBX features regardless of their location worldwide.
  • Instant access to all new services and software upgrades as they are rolled out.

100% BT

The BT 21cn Network offers many powerful in-network features to complement the I-Net Hosted PBX and benefit your business.

  • Dynamic call routing, mid-call divert, call queuing and advanced IVR within the BT 21cn Network.
  • Full number portability with all carriers ensures fast and reliable service establishment.
  • FSA-approved call recording for both inbound and outbound calls with no requirement for on-site equipment and maintenance.
  • 100% call delivery via BT, one of the world’s largest and most resilient telecommunications network.
  • 100% CLI delivery at all times, including to and from mobiles – no “grey” call routing, 2nd tier carriers and compromised service.
  • Advanced security - every call is routed through our secure data centre within the BT 21cn Network and protected by a secure firewall designed specifically for IP-based calls.
Next Generation Network Operator